by Goose Teeth

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Good rhymes about tough times. These songs got a lot of heart in em'. A big thank you to Odyssey teen camp for establishing such a warm and safe environment for us to create, preform, and spread our music. And thank you to all of the good friends and good counselors who encouraged us to make more stuff. We love you.


released August 26, 2015

Sky- lyrics, singin, guitar, washboard
Fia- lyrics, singin, banjo



all rights reserved


Goose Teeth Holmes, New York

Magical meaningful long distance duo Sky n Fia yell and scream about queerness, love and hate.

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Track Name: Scared
As soon as i got home it was like everything was dying
My hands started to shake again and i couldnt stop crying
It felt like i was running out of time to do the things i wanted
Live completely, work, be happy, walk around and not feel haunted
By the things i havent done yet
Graduate and go to college
Try not to die in the process
Use the time that i have got left

And sure there are times when all i got is time
But most of the time i just wanna go to sleep
But instead of counting then i keep murdering sheep
Because i've been having nightmares every fucking night this week!

Sometimes when i wake up from bad dreams i cant move at all
My body full of novocaine my back against the wall
Creatures creeping halt my sleeping, shiver weakly wake up screaming, keep the lights off i dont wanna see the things in my dreams over me
Puh puh puh palpitations
And i start to wheeze
Squeeze my eyelids shut and pull the covers over me

And sure there are times when i feel like im in touch
But most of the time i think too fucking much
And when i think too much i care too much and i'd rather be pissed off
Cuz my heart was on my sleeve and my sleeve just got ripped off!

I grew up
Thinking that i was fucked up
Thinking my family's the only family that argues
Wondering if im a boy or im a girl what are you
Well thank god im done thinking
And thank god my friends reassure to no end that my heads not caving in and im not shrinking
Cuz im filled with so much love
Im bursting at the seams
My head is blowing up!
Please hold me and tape me where i leak.
Track Name: General Feeling of Uneasiness
when will I fall asleep again

Everything is beautiful but no one here is happy
everything is terrible and I don't know what's happening

When will I have good dreams again

My bed is no longer my bed
I cant feel my legs anymore
and my sheets don't feel the same as they used to

when will my hands be still again

I've been trying to make myself better for a couple years now
they say time heals all wounds but I'm still bleeding

When will I fall asleep again
Track Name: Cherry Pits
Fia: Hey Sky?
Skylar: Yeah Fia!
Fia: Do you remember that time, that you and Ruby-Joy were spitting cherry pits into each others mouths?
Skylar: Yeah?
Fia: It was that moment, when i realized, you're my best friend
Skylar: Awww

Swollen finger tips
Palpitating hearts still beat
My blood will still pump through

Tell me all yer dreams
Wind chimes can't sing without wind
As i cant sing without you

Like oil and water we're different in ways we think
But like oil and water, you n' me
We both wash down the sink

Bruises on my knees
mud in my shoes theres blood
in the sink again

Blisters on my feet
wish there were more Cuz i just
can't stay in one place

Bugs r in my hair
But thats okay I've got some
friends to play pretend

And if i succumb to this planet
Will it be worth it
Im worried god damn it

Ill lay down in the dirt
Pick the scum from my nails
I don't need anyone's finger over the whole in my throat just so i can breathe
I got 10 of my own
I'm learning to be okay alone

Sky: i love u
Fia: iloveyoutoo
Track Name: GCB
Acne braces highschool awkward body locker room
Gym class blues, gym class blues

Im sorry to all the kids with gym first period, but mostly to the ones in gym who get their first period***
I know its rough being in 9th grade 10th 11th 12th grade hating that you take up space

Acne braces highschool awkward body locker room
Gym class blues, gym class blues

Remember to participate in stupid sports you probably hate
With really awful cocky people making you feel less than equal
Pick you last even for kickball
Smash yer teeth in during dodge ball
Gym class blues, gym class blues

How many pull ups can you do?
How good at capture the flag R U?
Thank god my school cant afford a swimming pool
Run yer laps and tie yer shoes
Gym class blues


***literally this is a Carrie reference because im sure that fckin sucked
Track Name: Angst
I, fucking hate my life
Everything is so hard

And time
Where has all of my time gone
Where the fuck is my time bomb
Where the fuck is my mom

And over and over are all of these feelings
Of crashing and burning
And cracking the ceiling
Wasting all of my parents money
Pretending im okay pretending its funny

My dog's
The only friend that I've got left
She doesn't get upset when I can't out of bed

Cause I don't even drink alcohol
But There's a pounding in my head
so I sit around and wait for things to fall in place instead
Of getting up and going outside of the place that I live
Fuck whiskey
I'll take an existential crisis

Over and over I feel like I'm fading
My hair's falling out and my body's decaying
Panicking over these things all so petty
Bolted the door shut, be out when I'm ready

My eyes
Are infested with flies- and rodents, its quite malodorous
The keys to my house are worn down the core
Im never inside or out- i should just break off the door

And why
Why does everything feel wrong
The only thing ive got is this song
All the good things i had are gone

Closer and closer my nightmares are creeping
People avoid me and i cant stop screaming
If youre looking for a sign this is no magnum opus
Dont pry my heart open there isn't room for much

Farther and farther we get from these feelings
No longer exhausted my nerves r depleting
U've been treated like trash but god damn ur my treasure
Ur safe and i love u ill be here forever